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Course Taught

Central Washington University, WA, United States

  1. JAPN 251 Second-year Japanese 

  2. JAPN 151 First-year Japanese 

University of Arizona,
AZ, United States

  1. JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II

  2. JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I

  3. JPN 102 Elementary Japanese II

  4. JPN 101 Elementary Japanese I

  5. JPN 101 iCourse Elementary Japanese I (Asynchronous online)

  6. JPN 416 Advanced Japanese II

  7. JPN 304 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics

Other Institutions

Middlebury College, VT, US

Elementary Japanese B

Mori no Ike - Concordia Language Villages, MI, US

Credit teacher; Curriculum developer



Assistant Editor for Exploration of Teacher Development

University of Arizona,
AZ, United States

  1. Graduate Representative of Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS)

  2. Vice President of EAS Brown Bag Series

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